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An update from the Chair of Great Staughton Parish Council on the Affordable Housing Project

I reported last month that the responses to enquiries from Chorus’s solicitors were with the Charities’ solicitor. Answers have now been provided and are being considered by Chorus. It is hoped that once analysed the legal documents will be signed by all parties within weeks. At this point in time there are no none differences between the parties.

The preparation for submitting the planning application has advanced with a draft design and access statement having been prepared. One or 2 amendments are being completed and then this will be ready for submission to HDC with the application. This will not take place until the legal documents are signed, but clearly the preparations are well advanced. Once the Design and Access statement is  finalised it will be shared on the website and social media.

Bob Jewell

Chair Great Staughton Parish Council

Great Staughton Memorial to those lost in the First and Second World Wars


Great Staughton Parish Council is considering augmenting the plaque currently on the playing field to remember those lost in both World Wars. This would seem a fitting tribute in this the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

The playing field was always designated a memorial field for those lost in the wars.  The Parish Council is now considering putting a plaque on the pavilion with the names of the fallen.

Before we do this, we wanted to consult with the community and try to ensure all names listed were correct and that no one was omitted. We have used Church records and we are very grateful for the investigations of Anthony Withers in compiling this list. We would now ask the community if they know if the list is incorrect in any way; in terms of omissions, incorrect spelling, or Christian names. Clearly we want the list to as accurate as possible a tribute to all those who lost their lives.

If anyone has any comments, corrections thoughts please contact me.

Bob Jewell

Or 07812725680

Great Staughton casualties in WW1 and WW2


First World War 1914-1918

1 Bird Frederick Charles Fordham
2 Brown Hedley
3 Bull James Albert
4 Cox Frederick
5 Cox Walter James
6 Pickersgill-Cunliffe John Reynolds
7 Duberly Grey William
8 Ekins Frank
9 Elmer Frederick
10 Franklin Ernest Victor
11 Goodman Samuel
12 Groom Frederick
13 Groom Joseph Cobb
14 Hackett Arthur
15 Hackett Charles Burtwood
16 Hackett Elijah
17 Hackett Walter Edward
18 Holyoak Horace
19 Jones George
20 Lane George
21 Levett John
22 Mayes Arthur Ernest
23 Mayes Frank
24 Newman Harry
25 Newman Walter
26 Pell Frederick
27 Pell William Charles
28 Pepper Bert or maybe Frank?
29 Reeve William
30 Russell Frederick
31 Shepherd Arthur
32 Simpson George
33 Taylor Edwin Harry
34 Taylor Herbert Samuel
35 Teate Frank
36 Watson Herbert


Second World War 1939-1945

1 Ball Robert Michael
2 Bosworth Charles Roy
3 Button Arthur Leslie
4 Duberly William Michael Cunliffe
5 Duberly James Arthur Grey
6 Gentle Harry
7 Gray Robert Biggart Gow
8 Stratton Reginald


Great Staughton Parish Council


7.30pm on Thursday, 2 July 2020

Virtual Meeting via Zoom


  1. Apologies for absence


  1. Residents’ Forum


  1. Report from District and County councillors


  1. Matters Arising:
    • Time Banking – on hold for the time being
    • Green Close Potholes – DM
    • Ridge and Furrow Fields – clerk has chased again
    • Footpath outside 71 Beachampstead – reported to CCC
    • Street Lighting Parish Energy Handover – CCC have not contacted the clerk yet.
    • Fallen trees in River Kym – Environment Agency have been chased
    • Parish Heating Scheme – discuss/agree Memorandum of Understanding circulated on 31 May
    • Blocked footpath – Clerk has written to Crown Farm


  1. Attendance at other meetings


  1. Planning:

20/00125/FULTDC   – Land West of 69 the Highway – update

20/00869/HHFUL – 9 Green Close – no comments or objections

20/00822/LBC – Blaysworth Manor, Little Staughton – no comments or objections



  1. Highways – LHI Bid 2021/22 – update from DM regarding his meeting with Calvin Mugemuzi from CCC Highways.


  1. Correspondence – see cashbook


  1. Cashbook – review payments in and out


  1. AGAR 2019/20


  1. Affordable Housing update – BJ


  1. Reports from:
    • Village Hall committee – HG
    • Playing Field committee – NY
    • Neighbourhood Watch
    • Speed watch – DM


  1. Parish matters


  1. Meeting dates for 2020 – 17 September, 19 November

Memorandum of Understanding



Grafham, Great Staughton, and Perry Parish Councils.


The purpose of the agreement is to investigate the feasibility of a Community Heating scheme based upon an approach to decarbonisation of residential heating in the 3 Parishes.



The UK Government and Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) have declared a climate emergency. There are of course many aspects of reducing green-house gases but there is one which is particularly relevant in rural settings. CCC have identified this in their Climate change plan. Heating in rural areas is nearly wholly dependent on oil as there is little piped gas or other suitable alternative. CCC have stated they are looking for ways to remove 10,000 dwellings in rural settings from this dependence on oil. They are working closely initially with Swafham Prior to investigate the possible technologies to provide an alternative heating source.



The 3 Parishes recognise any solution to this issue is far beyond their expertise and financial resources. They are therefore agreed with the help of CCC to approach the

the Rural Community Energy Fund for funding to investigate possible solutions.



The project will be managed by representatives from the 3 Parishes with help, and guidance from County Council, other relevant Government agencies and companies as necessary. The lead Parish for the purpose of any grant application will be Great Staughton. There will be no legal commitment to any proposals without the agreement of the Parish Councils.



The 3 Parish Councils agree this document and agree to provide each £400 for initial community engagement to gain local support and understanding for the project.





An update from the Chair of Great Staughton Parish Council

The Parish Council held its first ever virtual meeting on 21st May. I believe it was very successful with all Parish Councillors being present on-line.  This was the AGM and Parish Councillors were appointed to the various supporting organisations. The Parish Council also clarified areas for grass cutting by the Parish, considered other planning and Highways matters, but specifically I thought I would update you on 3 topics

  • The affordable housing scheme on the Charities field on the Green has progressed. I thought I would recap on the proposals and the current situation and plans.
    • The Community Land Trust has been seeking to provide affordable housing in the village with a priority for residents or those with a close connection to Great Staughton and Perry.  The plans are for 12 dwellings to be built on the Charities field on The Green. The plans will be submitted for 4 x 3 bedroom house, 4x 2 bedroom houses, 2 bungalows and 2 flats. Of these 9 will be let on a social rent basis (60% of commercial rents) the other 3 dwellings will be made available for shared ownership.
    • The scheme is being organised in the following way. Land which is owned by Great Staughton Charities is being leased to Great Staughton Community Land Trust for 130 years and then being subleased to Chorus Homes for the provision of the housing with the above conditions. The Charities will benefit with a one time premium of £140.4K and the Community Land Trust £15.6K.
    • The current status is that legal documents have been agreed between Chorus Homes and the CLT. These cannot yet be signed as the Charities have not finalised their legal position and the responses to contract. These matters are with the Charities solicitor and it is hoped will be resolved quickly. The implementation of the proposals will still be dependent upon receiving satisfactory planning approval and the ability to obtain viable contracts for the development.
    • Once the documents are signed Chorus Homes will submit the planning application for the field this will probably take up to 3 months to be determined. Once this is achieved Chorus will negotiate contracts with developers for the build which will hopefully be concluded by the end of 2020. This will lead to a start on site in March 2021 dependent upon on weather and all other factors above being successfully concluded.


  • I reported that the bid to get Highways funds to support speed restrictions in the village had been successful. This has progressed with detailed plans providing for a 30mph speed limit through The Town but with the section from the bridge to the current 30mph limit remaining at 40mph. There will also be speed indicator poles positioned around the village. Whilst we would have liked a continuous 30mph limit through the village to the edge of The Town this is a considerable step forward. No timescale has yet been agreed but it should be anticipated that these changes will be in the next 9 months.



  • The proposal for a possible Parish wide heating scheme continues to be explored with neighbouring Parishes and we are looking to engage consultants to take forward the funding application to the Rural Community Energy Fund.


If there are any issues you wish to raise with the Parish Council please contact me or the Clerk details are in the magazine.

In the meantime I sincerely hope everyone is and continues to stay well.


Bob Jewell

Chair Great Staughton Parish Council


An update from the Chair of Great Staughton Parish Council
I wrote last month about the community spirit, the help from our local volunteers and I know you all would want to me to thank them again for their continuing support. Whilst there are now signs of an easing in the lockdown I know we also would like to continue to pay tribute to our magnificent health and social care workers, and also to other essential workers across many sectors
I am sure many of you like me will have learnt the benefits of online meetings with friends and families and the Parish Council held its first virtual meeting via Zoom on 21st May. This may make it more difficult for residents to attend in the future but we will make it possible for you to join virtually if you have a special issue. We do though hope it will be possible to resume normal meetings by the time of our next Parish Council meeting. We will need to review when it will be possible and safe to hold a Parish Assembly.
• The Community Land Trust Board has also met via an online meeting and is now dealing with the detailed aspects of the land transaction to facilitate the affordable housing development on the Green. As I write legal agreements have not yet been signed but it is very close and various surveys and searches on land issues have been conducted in relation to the field. I hope I can give you more certain news by next months Life magazine.

• I have no more news on the Highways scheme through the Town

• The proposal for a possible Parish wide heating scheme is now being explored with neighbouring Parishes and you will see a separate article on it in the magazine.
If there are any issues you wish to raise with the Parish Council please contact me or the Clerk details are in the magazine.
In the meantime I sincerely hope everyone is and continues to stay well.

Bob Jewell
Chair Great Staughton Parish Council



Great Staughton Parish Council
7.30pm on Thursday, 21 May 2020
Virtual Meeting via Zoom

1. Apologies for absence – Ian Gardener

2. Election of Officers –
The following posts are to be elected:
Vice Chair
Responsible Finance Officer

3. Residents’ Forum

4. Election of Sub committees
Planning (all Councillors)
Playing Field – 5 Parish Charities – 3
Village Hall – 3 Footpaths – 1
Highway Warden & Road Safety – 1 Life magazine – 1
Neighbourhood Watch – 1 Speed Watch – 1
West Hunts Friendship Club – 1

Nominations to the Clerk or at the meeting

5. Report from District councillor Darren Tysoe

6. Matters Arising:
❖ Ditches Cage Lane – WM to report whether J Brown has completed his part of the ditch.
❖ Time Banking – we are still waiting for a response from Little Staughton PC. Nothing further to update
❖ Green Close Potholes – DM to update
❖ Ridge and Furrow Fields – c/f as IG assisting the clerk with this issue
❖ ‘Dogs on Leads’ signs – waiting for HDC to put the signs up
❖ Car Parking charges – DT
❖ Footpath outside 71 Beachampstead – reported to CCC
❖ Street Lighting Parish Energy Handover – CCC have not contacted the clerk yet.
❖ Fallen trees in River Kym – Environment Agency have been notified
❖ Streetlight repair (number 17) in Dillington – quote previously circulated
❖ Police Surgery proposal
❖ Village grass cutting – emails circulated
❖ Parish Heating Scheme – BJ/HG

7. Attendance at other meetings

8. Planning:
9. 20/00125/FULTDC – Land West of 69 the Highway – comments sent to HDC. Correspondence received from Gerald Day regarding 69 the Highway planning application.
20/00545/FUL Land at Corner of Moor Road, Great Staughton – underground cable – no comments or objections
20/00541/HHFUL New Pond Farm, The Town – dormer windows – no comments or objections
19/02613/FUL – Land North East of 114 Little Staughton Airfield -objections previously raised. The matter discussed at DMC on 18 May.

10. Highways – LHI Bid 2021/22 – DM to report.

11. Correspondence – see cashbook

12. Cashbook – review payments in and out

13. Affordable Housing update – BJ

14. Reports from:
• Village Hall committee – HG
• Playing Field committee – NY
• Neighbourhood Watch
• Speed watch – DM

13. Parish matters

14. Meeting dates for 2020 – 2 July, 17 September, 19 November


An update from the Chair of Great Staughton Parish Council

I hope everyone reading this is well. Great Staughton is blessed with a wonderful community spirit and this has shown itself at this time. I would like to pay my tribute to all those who have taken time to volunteer to help others. I know from personal experience the community groups are so useful and helpful. Cathy and I have been self-isolating for a while and we have been very grateful for people getting us our medication and shopping. I would also like to thank local businesses which have adapted to try to ensure everyone is helped.
The residents of Great Staughton have shown their appreciation every Thursday to all the essential workers. We pay special tribute to our magnificent health and social care workers, but also to other essential workers across many sectors. A continued service from retail, distribution, all the utilities and waste collection services is vital for our well-being. I know our Parish is very grateful.
We would normally have had our Parish Assembly in late April early May, but this year it has had to be postponed. This is a great shame as I particularly wanted to say thank you to John Harrison who retired at the end of March. John has been looking after the verges and surrounding areas along the Green and Highway for over 25 years. I am sure I speak on behalf of everyone when I say what wonderful job you have done John and the whole village thanks you. We are pleased to welcome Phil Yates to the role, he has a hard act to follow.
I also would have paid tribute to a Parish Councillor who has recently resigned after about 20 years. Janet Bowen has been a very able, thoughtful, and conscientious Councillor. She has served in many roles on the council being a real advocate for the preschool, charities, and Friendship club. She has served for many years on the playing field committee and more recently on the community land trust. This will be another very hard act to follow and we thank you deeply. The Parish Council is pleased to welcome James Duberly to the Council as a co-optee.
I would also have updated residents at the Assembly on a number of matters, but I will mention a few of the most important here.
• The affordable housing project on Charities field on The Green is moving forward. Heads of Agreement outlining the agreed terms have been signed by all parties and it is hoped that a planning application will be submitted soon. The current emergency has made things more difficult and introduced a level of uncertainty but it is hoped that Chorus will be able to proceed. Whenever we hold an assembly it is intended we can show a video depicting a model of the 12 dwellings which are to be built on the field.
• The proposed change of speed limit through The Town has been accepted as a valid scheme to receive part funding from the County Council Highways. The Parish Council will be required to contribute but this is good news for safety on the road through the Town. Incorporated in the scheme will be speed reminder signs throughout the village. No timescale has been agreed at the moment but we have agreement to work up a scheme with the County Council.
• At last years Parish Assembly we heard about the possible Parish wide heating scheme being developed for Swaffham Prior. I am pleased to say Helen Glanville has progressed this and it is agreed we can make an application for the first tranche of funding to assess the feasibility of a scheme.
I am sure there are many other issues you would have wanted to raise and on which the Parish Council would have wanted to provide information. I hope that we can hold a Parish Assembly at an appropriate time when all issues can be discussed.
In the meantime I sincerely hope everyone stays well, stays safe, and follows Government advice.

Bob Jewell
Chair Great Staughton Parish Council



Following Government advice please be aware of the following.
• The village Hall and Pavilion are closed for all uses other than for volunteers helping in the current crisis and for cleaning and essential maintenance.

• The play equipment on the playing field is not to be used as it could cause grouping of children or other ways of transmitting the virus.

A leaflet has been delivered throughout the village by volunteers offering help and assistance. The Parish Council is very grateful for their efforts and fully supports them.
Please follow Government advice and stay safe.
If you require any help, or have any local queries please contact
Bob Jewell (Chair)
Jo Russel (Clerk)


Please Note The Parish Council Meeting on 26th March will be held as a virtual meeting.
The Parish Assembly planned for 30th April has been postponed.

Parish Council meetings will be held on the following dates in 2020

January 23rd

March 26th

April 30th  Assembly

May 21st AGM

July 2nd

September 17th

November 19th