The Parish

Notice from the Parish Council

There have been a number of comments made recently about parking on the Highway in the vicinity of the Doctors, Lauras Close and Mays Hairdressers. Many residents will have seen the cones placed in this area. This was a Police response to complaints by residents of illegal parking in this area.

It is important everyone is aware it is illegal to park on either side of the road where there is a solid white line in the middle of the road. This applies to the whole stretch of the Highway to the bend (and beyond) from where the solid white line commences in the middle of the road. Full details can be found in the Highway Code.

The reason for making this post at this time is to make people aware that the Police have stated they will be enforcing this regulation. It is a Road traffic offence and carries a penalty of 3 points on the licence and £120 fine.