Community Land Trust

Minutes of meeting held 9 December 2018

Meeting Sunday 9th December 3.00pm at Great Staughton Village Hall

The Great Staughton Community Land Trust will be meeting on Sunday 9th December to update all members on progress to date of the affordable housing project.

Topics to be discussed
• The status of GSCLT and Board membership
• An update on the Parish Charities ownership of the field on the Green and the lease agreement for that field.
• The proposed dwellings to be placed on the site as discussed with Luminus and HDC.
• The proposed allocation process and policies for gaining a tenancy to the dwellings.
• Timetable for implementation.

All members of GSCLT are welcome. Other local people are welcome, but only members of GSCLT can vote. Anyone on the electoral register for Great Staughton, who is not a member, can join on payment of £1.

Bob Jewell

Please access Agenda via link below
1209 – CLT meeting 9 December 2018

Please access proposed site plan below
1118 – Nov 18 Site Plan A3

Please access proposed Land Allocations Policy below
1209 – GS Community Land Trust Allocations Policy- agreed version CLT edited Luminus and CLT