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Minutes of meeting held 9 December 2018

Great Staughton Community Land Trust (CLT)
Regrettably it has been some time since I provided an update on the affordable housing scheme for Great Staughton. Unfortunately, the project has been beset by a number of problems which are not yet fully resolved.
I will recap briefly for those joining this process for the first time. It was felt desirable to develop for affordable housing some land owned by the Parish Charities. The land identified was on The Green (the road up to Perry from Great Staughton). A CLT was formed and has 80+ members to promote the project. Negotiations have proceeded with Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC), Luminus Housing Association, and The Parish Charities. The land is outside the normal area of development and can only be developed as a rural exception site under planning rules.
The CLT had expected legal agreements to be signed by now and planning permission to be sought. This has not happened. Luminus who are HDC’s strategic housing provider were taken over by another provider Places for people and subsequently renamed themselves as Chorus Homes. This resulted in changes in personnel, procedures and company policies. This resulted in considerable delays and areas of disagreement. Many but not all have now been resolved.
To date the following has been achieved HDC have given their blessing to the scheme although this is still subject to the formal planning process. The layout for the site is agreed and is attached. It is intended to provide 12 dwellings 9 for Social rent and 3 for Shared ownership.
The process of letting the properties is substantially agreed subject to final review by HDC. It ensures that priority is given to those members of the community with a strong association with the Parishes of Great Staughton and Perry.
The land is to be leased to Chorus to allow the development on a long lease of 130 years. Not all the terms of the lease have yet been agreed and the Parish Charities are awaiting revised considerations of the value of the field. This has to be agreed and the terms and conditions of the leases.
It is still hoped that this can be achieved in the next 3 months and planning permission applied for before the end of the year. This is though considerably later than was anticipated a year ago. Suffice to say the Board of the CLT are still progressing the project with full vigour and are really hopeful of a successful outcome on the near future. Further updates will be produced.
Bob Jewell Chair of the CLT
September 2019

Bob Jewell


Please access proposed site plan below

Please access proposed Land Allocations Policy below
1209 – GS Community Land Trust Allocations Policy- agreed version CLT edited Luminus and CLT